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5 Jul

Move Slowly and Break Things

Well, it’s been a hot minute, but this blog ain’t dead yet. There have been developments…
30 Mar

EMOM and Live Coding

What is Emom? And where is live-coding?
27 Mar

Synte Update 1

I thought Id take a moment to outline the progress of the project and upcoming developments
9 Mar

The Power of Go

Let me preface this discussion by saying all this has been said before and better. Why am I bothering? Well really this post is about learning things the hard way, something I am definitely an expert at…
28 Feb


In recent years my policy has been to buy refurbished phones instead of brand new. Partly this is because…
18 Feb

Web Rings

Remember webrings? That classic internet phenomenon of the early web1.0 era, which was a great way of…
12 Feb

State of Open Con '24

Last week I attended two days at the State of Open Conference in…
27 Jan

Todo and Code Bonsai 🌳

I’m introducing a new sport, or at least a new digital game. It’s called Code Bonsai. Like code golf, but…
2 Feb

No One Writes Code

Ok, I may be exaggerating a little there, but hear me out…
30 Jan

We ❤ Termux

Termux is an android app that turns your smartphone into…
28 Jan

Live blogging EMOM

Factory Setting @ Little Turf

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